An Abundance of Image and Sound
April 2016, Santa Fe University of Art and Design alumni newsletter
Outdoor Vision Fest® and Quadstock promise to tantalize your senses—from projections, installations, and dance to contemporary music (bands big and small).

The Weight of the Spoken Word
Winter/Spring 2014, Walden magazine
Paul Rusesabagina shares what the Rwandan genocide taught him and how anyone can effect positive social change for an entire community.

Bringing Honor to Education
Summer/Fall 2013, Walden magazine
Jonathan Kozol, a best-selling author and one of the most respected voices on public education in the United States, explains we all have a responsibility to bring a ‘sense of joy’ into the classroom.

Creating Ripples of Change
Summer/Fall 2013, Walden magazine
Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt, a world-renowned Paralympian, explains how education empowers everyone to be an agent of change.

Call a Minga
Winter/Spring 2013, Walden magazine
Craig Kielburger, who co-founded Free the Children, Me to We, and We Day, with his brother Marc, shares how you can integrate service and volunteerism into your daily life.

It Is Achieveable
Summer/Fall 2012, Walden magazine
Dr. Tererai Trent explains how she traveled from rural Zimbabwe to America to earn her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate—with five children in tow—and transformed herself into an advocate.

Channeling a Passion for Change
Summer/Fall 2012, Walden magazine
Andrea Koppel shares how she re-envisioned her long career as a journalist to support positive social change.

Building Bridges, Tearing Down Walls
Winter/Spring 2012, Walden magazine
Nontombi Naomi Tutu, daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, explains how her childhood in Apartheid South Africa taught her to see our innate differences as assets–not walls that divide us.

Rewriting the Rules of the Road
Summer/Fall 2011, Walden magazine
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson explains why “failing” as a church pastor inspired him to build his own path to a Ph.D.–and become a social activist.

Architecture + Art
Fall 2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Museums roll out the red carpet for visitors this fall with forward-thinking renovations and blockbuster shows.

Walking the Walk
Spring 2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Our readers weighed in on their favorite shows in AmericanStyle’s sixth annual Top 10 Fairs and Festivals competition.

Smart Moves
Winter 2010, NICHE magazine
Even a wobbly economy is no match for our 2009 Top Retailers, who share their strategies for buoying business and positioning themselves for a strong 2010.

In the Know
October 2009, AmericanStyle magazine
Veteran gallery owners and show directors spill secrets, drop names and weigh in on the latest trends in collecting.

Moving Fauxforward
April 2009, AmericanStyle magazine
Beth Piver and Andy Vick creatively solve art and design problems in their Cumberland, Md., home—with fantastic results.

Redefining Haute Couture
June 2008, AmericanStyle magazine
When you hear the phrase haute couture, the first thing that probably comes to mind is high-end fashion. Artist Suz Andreasen is out to change that notion with The Couture Jewelry Awards, a highly selective new competition for studio jewelers.

Laura Payne of the Purple Pig: How to Excel as a General Manager
December 5, 2016, Inside Kendall
The self-described jack-of-all-trades shares how she meets and exceeds the challenges in her role.

Christopher Obrist of Filadelphia Coffee Resort: How to Excel as a General Manager
November 25, 2016, Inside Kendall
A Kendall graduate shares the best practices he follows as a general manager at a resort in Guatemala.

Mining for Artifacts
September 27, 2016, Spotlight on Walden
Walden University MS in Education graduate Teresa St. Angelo shares her plans as this year’s teacher-in-residence at the Library of Congress.

Emphasizing Luxury with Every Encounter
September 20, 2016, Inside Kendall
Asmaa Benkirane, the owner of Le Beau Maroc in Miami, Florida, shares her best practices as a business owner.

Wait, Where’s the Steak?
August 18, 2016, Spotlight on Walden
Walden faculty member Dr. Tim Radak and nursing student Catherine Murray share why it’s time to reduce the meat in our diets and start investigating the deliciousness that is plant-based eating.

Filming Stories That Educate
August 2016, Santa Fe University of Art and Design alumni newsletter
Student Bunee Tomlinson shares why showing his documentary at the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes is only the beginning of his career as a filmmaker.

Reshaping Fatherhood
June 2, 2016, Spotlight on Walden
Scholar of Change and PhD student Micah Griffin founded a nonprofit to improve the wellbeing of underserved communities by shaping and reinforcing the father’s role in the family.

Empowering the People of Belize
February 15, 2016, Spotlight on Walden
Diana Shaw initially relocated to Belize to launch her career as a lawyer, but went on to found a successful nonprofit to identify and address the factors that create vulnerability to sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Cooking Through Italy with International Internships
January 2016, Kendall College blog
Culinary student Tony Rogowski joined Kendall’s fall 2014 trip to Italy and discovered his entire approach to cooking changed.

Empowering Parents on the Sideline
November 2014, Spotlight on Walden
Doctoral student Eric Luster is developing wearable technology to detect and report athletes’ traumatic brain injuries to parents in real time.

Volunteerism That Complements a Career
March 2014, Spotlight on Walden
Faculty member Dr. Scott Friedman explains how his work as a psychologist and his role as a volunteer are interconnected.

Adept Advice From a Doctoral Graduate
January 2014, Spotlight on Walden
Dr. Krista K. Laursen ’13 shares what it takes to help students get the most out of their doctoral programs.

Dad and Daughter: Supporting Each Other’s Success
October 2013, Spotlight on Walden
When two members of the family decide to earn their master’s degrees at Walden together, they lean on and learn from each other.

Creating a Safe Haven for Foster Children
Summer/Fall 2013, Walden magazine
Dr. John DeGarmo ’12 explains how becoming a foster parent helped fuel his passion to effect positive social change for children.

Insights: The Road Map to Success
Winter/Spring 2013, Walden magazine
Michael J. Hitchcock shares his expertise.

Destination: Charm City
Summer 2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Baltimore has more than a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to the arts.

The Power of Pins
Summer 2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright reveals how jewelry can get political.

Q&A: Emotional Branding
Summer 2010, NICHE magazine
Learn how to create a multi-sensory experience that will keep customers coming back. Interview with Martin Lindstrom, author of Brand Sense: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy.

Children’s Products
Summer 2010, NICHE magazine
Capture sales in a strong market with this lineup of colorful children’s gifts and accessories.

Fully Functional
Spring 2010, NICHE magazine
Feast on the freshest designs in functional ceramics from eight studios.

A Season for Color
Winter 2010, NICHE magazine
New products by eight studios will amp up the mood of any summer table.

Outdoor Furnishings
Summer 2009, NICHE magazine
New products by seven studios are the perfect complement to outside spaces.

Warm and Inviting
Winter 2009, NICHE magazine
New products by seven studios set the perfect winter scene.

87-Year-Old Doctoral Student Proves It’s Never Too Late to Learn
April 2011, Ponder e-Newsletter
After almost 60 years in radio broadcasting, Wendell Mayes Jr. is pursuing his doctoral degree to research how personal emotions affect business decisions.

Artist Profiles
Summer 2010, NICHE magazine
Metal-and-clay sculptor Virginia McKinney
Jeweler Molly Dingledine
Glass artist John Geci

Artist Profiles
Spring 2010, NICHE magazine
Clothing designer Jen Swearington
Mixed-media sculptor Christine Kaiser
Enamelist Jenn Bell

Artist Profiles
Winter 2010, NICHE magazine
Handbag designer Ali Dryer
Glass artist Ed Edwards
Furniture designer Jason Green

Masterfully Effortless
Winter 2009-2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Lori Gottlieb’s organic jewelry pairs great attention to detail with total embrace of imperfection.

Artist Profiles
Summer 2009, NICHE magazine
Found-object sculptor Toby Atticus Fraley
Jewelry designer Karen Klinefelter
Wood/ceramic artist Laura Reese

Parting Shot: Winning the Lottery
Fall 2010, AmericanStyle magazine
Preview of artist Rebecca Siemering’s large-scale sculpture.

Gallery Negotiates Reduced-Rent Artist Storefronts in Scottsdale
Summer 2010, NICHE magazine
Analyzes how one gallery owner in Scottsdale, Ariz., revitalizes a downtown arts district.

Growing a Downtown Arts District
Spring 2010, NICHE magazine
Examines how a band of businesses work with city officials to offer small business incentives and encourage downtown growth.

Tapping Regional Taste at The Steel Fork
Winter 2010, NICHE magazine
Review of metal sculptors Ben and Kate Gatski’s website “The Steel Fork.”

Plan a Successful Word-of-Mouth Campaign
Winter 2010, NICHE magazine
Review of Word of Mouth Marketing by author Andy Sernovitz.

Arts Travel Shorts
Winter 2009-2010, AmericanStyle magazine
“Cities Entice with Holiday Lights” offers artful holiday destination suggestions for travelers.
“Los Angeles Goes All Out to Celebrate the Arts” previews L.A. Arts Month.

Peas in a Pod
Winter 2009, NICHE magazine
Examines jeweler Robba Lugosch’s branding campaign.